Friday, 7 September 2012

post spontaneity

I blog irregularly.

If you are one of the three (I'm being generous here!) that follow my already know that.

For a week I'll post every day...and then nothing I vanish into the offline abyss.

Its not for not wanting to. Sometimes I lay awake at night. By brain hurts from all the words wanting to escape.

I don't really write for others. The words pour out from inside, not picky of their audience. There is something vulnerable about posting online.

I tried writing with paper and pen but for me online is better. There is something about hitting "publish" that is exhilirating and downright frightening. To keep a journal on your bedside table but airing your thoughts online where everyone...anyone can read...yikes! I try my best not to put myself in vulnerable spots but here my audience is mostly unknown (except for you, G-ma!).

If you know me you probably wouldn't describe me as a creative person. But let me tell you, behind the schedules and the narotic desire for wanting to know everything, there is a creative soul desperate to escape.

If only for more time. You might say..isn't there something I could sacrifice in order to have the time to nurture my creative side.

After housework, diapers, working part-time, working out, making time to at least acknowledge my husband exists, laundry (oh! the laundry) I barely have time to sleep.Seriously.

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