Tuesday, 5 June 2012


I picked up my laptop and thought I would write a post about how lovely I think summer days are. And its true, I really do enjoy warm, sunny days.
But just as I was about to start typing I took a quick look outside and took account of where I was. Currently I'm sitting on my living room floor wearing a skirt and tank top, drinking an iced coffee and staring out the window at the gorgeous blue skies...and I'm also wearing a huge warm blanket. Its just such an odd concept to write about the warm weather, while shivering under a blanket in an air-conditioned igloo! 
Don't get me wrong..I love air conditioning. Its take the humidity out of the air so that even with my seasonal allergies I can still breath.
My favourite thing about being a SAHM is being able to spend the summers outside. We can take our time getting ready and taking a walk or the bike ride to the park. We can play in the water and take turns going down the slides. After a little snack we can go home, change into dry, clean clothes and make some low-key lunch before long, play-induced naps. Summer is a great excuse not to get as much done in the house...finally a justification for not cleaning...love!
I'm looking forward to long, warm summer days that stretch into cool evenings around the fire.

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