Tuesday, 6 March 2012


Welcome to my new world! I have been blogging (if you can call it that!) at tamzamerica.blogspot.com for a few years. I've wanted to change names for awhile to something that more represented me and what I wanted to talk about. 

It took me for sure a year to come up with a blog name that I liked. It may not be super awesome but when I thought of it..it just seemed perfect for me.
I don't necessarily have a theme or catergory that I would classify this blog as...its about me and the things I like. 

A blog about me...to me that's the purpose of blogging. A personal blog..yup that sounds right. 

My name is Tamara. This is my blog. I wear many hats: woman, wife, mother, crocheter, sewer, aunt, daughter, sister, trainer, instructor. I strive for balance in life. I aim to live a healthy life. 

My journey is headed to eternity in Heaven. My job here on earth is to give glory to God in everything I do. I've lived a life so far wasting time. I want to fulfill the purpose God has given to me. 

I have one husband, Jason, and two sons, Cohen and Paxton. I like our little family. (Secretly...I like having two kids...but I don't have a little girl yet!)
My job (besides raising my boys) is a personal trainer/fitness instructor. I love to help others achieve their health goals and improve their self-esteem.

This blog is a work in progress. I hope to have a shop open soon with crochet accessories. I promise to blog when I have something to blog about and not fill it up with posts about nothing (huge pet peeve!)
Thanks for reading and hope you stick around:)

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