Monday, 19 March 2012

time flies

Sometimes I still feel phantom baby kicks. Crazy..since my baby is 6 months old as of March 3. How can six months go by so quickly. I'm in love with this kid. He is one of the happiest baby I've ever met...with just an edge of a temper. Pax's hair sticks up all the time. His big brother "tickles" him as evidenced by the gash on his cheek.
He's a big guy..not chubby but long and lean. He is wearing mostly 9-12 month clothes. At his immunization appointment, he weighs 17lbs, is 27" long and has a head circumference of 42 cm. So pretty much has the body shape of his father. But the eyes of his momma!
His smile turns my heart inside out.
He can sit up on his own and as of this morning can roll over...finally!
Since I'm still nursing, his bedtime routine is all about me.(Daddy puts Cohen to bed!) I'm getting into the habit of praying over him as he falls asleep. I've always known this is important but never felt I knew the "right" way to pray like that for Cohen. After hearing a visiting pastor to our church in the fall...I finally just started. His advice was "Want to know how to pray?...Just do it!" It never seemed so simple before.
I don't need fancy words or anything. I just talk to God and voice my desires for my little baby.
Its not hard..once I let go of myself. No one is judging me. I'm just a mom praying for her child.
Oh Pax...I do love you. Every day I sing "L.O.V.E." to him and he smiles for miles!

I hope the next 6months will go by a tad bit slower than the first! I'm so not ready for him to be 1!

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